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Thursday, 31 January 2019

January in Review

Put your hand up if you feel like January has gone on for 53945763 days!

I don't know if it's because I now work in an organisation that is 10,000+ employees strong and we're all spreading our germs and viruses between one another, but for the past couple of January's now I've been plagued with illnesses!

January 2018 saw me fight off a lovely little chest infection for about three weeks, and this January I entered the New Year with a whopper of a cold (Which eventually turned in to a lung infection - beautiful!) that continued a good week or so in to January, then Mother Nature was kind enough to give me a week off from snot and chesty coughs before she decided that maybe I was missing feeling ill and decided to shoot me down with a lovely chesty cough mid month too.

It's been swell!

Apart from feeling like I've been dying for 99.99% of the month though, it's been a pretty decent start to the year.

It's not been the busiest month, but I'm ok with that.  I'm all about doing a little less this year to get that dreaded credit card debt down and my savings (And our house savings!) up this year.

I've seen 10 films already this month, with Glass easily coming out on top as my favourite film seen in January, closely followed by Stan & Ollie and The Upside.  I would recommend all of these films if you're planning a cinema trip in the very near future (Although if you're planning on seeing Glass make sure you see Unbreakable and Split first otherwise the twist will be absolutely lost on you).

I've also done a fair bit of reading, because what else is a girl to do on these cold nights than snuggle up in bed under the quilt with a good book?  Reading more in 2019 is definitely on the agenda, and I reckon I've made a good start finishing three books this month.  

I also want to read more fiction this year.  Towards the end of 2018 I read a lot of self help books.  Now I love a good self help book as much as the next millennial, but I was missing getting lost in fictional worlds, so I've made a deal with myself that I'll switch between fiction and non-fiction to make sure I get a good balance.

The first fictional book I've read this year is An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green.  Being a huge fan of John Green and his books, I was so excited for the release of Hank's first book last year.  Spencer bought me a signed copy as one of my birthday presents, and since picking it up I didn't want to put it down.  I literally fought sleep because I was so desperate to see where the story was going!

Hank's book revolves around the world of social media, how it connects us all and demonstrates just how destructive it can be.  Mix that in with a healthy dose of sci-fi and you've got yourself a totally unique page turner.  I honestly cannot wait for the next instalment of the story!

Is there anything the Green Brother's can't do?!  I don't think there is.

I wasn't just a hermit cinema dweller this month.  January brought a new experience to the table for my sister and I.  A trip to the orchestra!

Now, there's a bit of a story behind this, because apparently I'm ridiculous and don't read my emails properly.

So, although I wouldn't class myself as a huge fan of classical music, I do love a good film score, and I've wanted to see Hans Zimmer live forever.  I received an email in around October time last year advertising an event called The Music of Zimmer vs Williams.  An event where I can see not only zimmer; the man behind pretty much all of the Disney film scores, but also Williams; the man responsible for the Harry Potter sound track?!  Where do I sign up?!

So I bought tickets, my sister and I sorted out our weekend away, and we went about life as usual, but when I was struck down with that awful cold/lung infection over the Christmas/New Year break and had a lot of time on my hands to think more, I started to question the event.  The tickets seemed exceptionally cheap for two of the biggest film composers in the world.  I opened my laptop, went to my emails and opened my confirmation email to reread the text.  I'd completely skimmed over a pretty important part of the title of the event.  THE MUSIC of Zimmer vs Williams.  Not performed by them.  Just there music, performed by another composer!

What. A. Moron.

We still went along and we still had an amazing time.  Hearing the music from some of my favourite film scores brought to life, and seeing how the music came together was incredible; and even though we didn't actually get to see Zimmer or Williams, the composer who did perform was brilliant.  He was funny and incredibly knowledgeable on the two composers, sharing snippets of information of the origins of each score in between playing them.

He also came out dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow when he composed the Pirates of the Caribbean score, so there's that as well.

I enjoyed my night at the orchestra so much, that I'm off again to the exact same venue in a few months with Tarnya to see The Music of Pixar.

My other big event of the month is that Spencer and I celebrated seven years together last Friday.  


The little dream boat treated me to dinner at Bills (From their Vegan menu of course), and about 10 minutes after we sat down only bloody Paul Chuckle sat down at the table next to us with his wife!  I was sat next to kids TV Royalty!

I literally lost my mind, so it's become pretty obvious to me that I can never meet any of my actual heroes because apparently I can't even keep my cool around Paul Chuckle!  And before you ask no; I did not say "To me, to you" to him because it's too soon guys!  It's too soon!

On the fashion news front, as temperatures have been dropping I've invested in a few more knitwear pieces that are suitable for the office and to keep me cosy.  I had a mini shopping spree in Tesco of all places because their clothing range is on point at the moment.  I added some bright, colourful jumpers to my collection (Because who says gloomy weather means we have to wear gloomy colours?!), and a couple of animal print inspired pieces as well, because I'm all about the animal print at the moment!

Finally, my dream pair of Doc Martens.  I've been on the hunt for a sturdy pair of boots that will last me for ages now.  This pair is actually pretty much exactly the same as my very first pair of Docs I owned way back in 2011 now.  I wore them to death until the sole caved in at Leeds Festival 2015 and I had to bid them farewell.  Since then I've had a few love affairs with a couple of pairs of Docs, but I just didn't love them like I loved my first pair, so eventually ended up selling them on.

When I found this pair in Debenhams last week it was love at first sight.  The only difference to my original pair of Docs is the tartan pattern inside is different.  My original pair had blue tartan inside, but I love this pattern just as much.  Just in case you're interested, this is the link to the exact pair that I bought.  I've just rolled the top down so we can all appreciate that lovely tartan pattern.

I'm pretty happy with how my January has gone (Although can January 2020 not include any illnesses yea?), and I'm really looking forward to February.  although I'm planning on a bit of a frugal month, I do have a hot date with my oldest friend Charlotte to see 10 Things I Hate About You on Valentines Day (Oh Heath!), some much needed sister time and my birthday treat from her to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show musical, and most exciting of all, my cousin from Chicago is coming over to visit at the end of February, so we'll be spending plenty of time with him over the week or so that he's here!

Seeya later January!

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