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Thursday, 4 October 2018

So Why Am I Doing This To Myself?

We're four days in to the challenge now, and I'm pretty sure some of you who have read so far are thinking "Why on Earth would anybody do this to themselves for an entire year!?".

Honestly?  I'm still not entirely sure what I've gotten myself in to here, but what I do know is I have good reason to.

Two of the most important things to me in life are music and travel.  Music has helped me get through some tough times in life, and one of my favourite past times is seeing my favourite bands live.  There is nothing quite like the atmosphere of being in a venue with thousands of people who share the love of their favourite band.

The last time I saw AC/DC at Wembley Stadium I cried when they ended the show with "For Those About to Rock..." as always; not because it's an emotional song, but because I was overwhelmed with emotion from seeing my all time favourite band live, potentially for the very last time (Never a feeling I get over a pair of shoes that are coming towards the end of their life, no matter how much I love them!).

Travel is something I've wanted to incorporate more of in to my life for such a long time.  I'm lucky to have visited some amazing places (Including a dream trip to Walt Disney World), but there's still so much world out there that I want to explore.  While ever I'm spending the way I am though, I'm going to make this virtually impossible for myself.

Do you want to know just how warped my thinking is when it comes to spending?

When I'm looking up a potential travel destination and I see the overall cost of the trip; more often than not I talk myself out of it because I can't justify the cost.

Yet if I review my bank statement a couple of months later, I'll have spent practically the same amount on material possessions that I don't actually need.  For some reason if I spend the same amount in smaller instalments, then it doesn't feel as daunting to me, yet I'm switching out life long memories for unnecessary items I don't need in my life.

I know my challenge seems drastic, but I've reached a point in my life where I feel like if I want to see drastic changes, then I need to take drastic action.  At some point over this next year, I want to prove to myself that swapping out clothes, shoes, accessories, the latest technology and take out lattes for opportunities to see more of my favourite bands live and reach areas of the world I've yet to discover will be worth going without the latest pair of Vans.

I want to own less clutter, and gain more memories.


Team O'Sullivan said...

I want to own less clutter, and gain more memories...….I love this, great words to inspire and to help achieve a goal. Your posts have really struck a chord with me today and made me think about how much money I fritter away on meaningless 'stuff' too. Maybe its time I was stronger and stricter, after all do I really need more high end beauty products or another pair of converse? In reality the answer is probably not, especially if the money saved by not buying goes towards getting rid of debt and/or pays for another holiday.

Siobhan Emma said...

I'm happy that sharing my journey and the struggles along the way could help others make similar choices if it will help them in the long term. There are so many changes I want to make over the next year to better my life as a whole. I want to see and experience more of the world, and the only thing that is holding me back at the moment is me!

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