Tuesday, 12 December 2017

What's In Store for Siobhan Emma in 2018?

That's a good question!

If I'm honest, for a while I wasn't even sure if there was going to be a future for Siobhan Emma in 2018.

I'm sure it's no real shock to you, what with my intermittent commitment to blogging throughout 2017, but I've really struggled in the blogging community this past year.  You're probably all sick of me talking about the loss of my Mum now, but the reality is, that event changed me, and one of the things that changed is my tolerance for pettiness.  You know what I've seen a lot of throughout the past year in the blogging community?  Pettiness.  So much pettiness.

I've found Social Media as a whole to be quite toxic this past year in fact.  I've hated being on it, yet, for the sake of my blog and being able to promote it and grow it, I've felt obliged to be a part of it, and I think this has eventually lead to the regular radio silence for my part.  I've only been able to take so much at a time before I needed to back off again.

Because of my feelings towards Social Media this past year, I've felt like I've been constantly at war with myself about the future of my blog.  On the one hand, it's no secret that I love to write.  Blogging has been a huge part of my life since discovering this world all those years ago on an evening when I should have been writing my dissertation instead.  My writing is something I've always wanted to get out there, I would love to grow my blog, and I'm very much aware that along with growing a blog comes a shed load of interaction and promotion on Social Media.

The reality is that I can't do one without the other, but every time I logged in to Twitter, the first thing I would read was yet another blogger spat, or underhanded comments being thrown around.  I felt like I was on the school playground again.

I couldn't see how I could achieve my blogging goals without the Social Media side of things, so slowly, I was coming to the conclusion that maybe blogging just wasn't for me anymore.  I didn't feel like I fit into the world that the bloggersphere had grown in to, and I was ready to bow out quietly, pretty certain that not many people would notice anyway.

Then yesterday I completed my final session of the stress control workshop, that I first talked about in this blog post here.  The final subject was based around our general wellbeing, and the importance of helping our wellbeing to flourish.  The course leaders gave us tips on how we could help our wellbeing flourish, and one of those tips was of course to invest more time into our hobbies.

Apart from reading (Can you tell I love anything to do with the written word?!), I couldn't think of anything I love doing more than creating content for my blog.  I love taking beautiful photography and writing what is hopefully great content for my readers, and I realised that I wasn't willing to just give that up.  Instead, I needed to come up with a solution.

There's no denying that Twitter is one of the biggest platforms to help promote your work.  As much as I hate being on there, I have to accept that.  So instead of avoiding it, I'm going to set myself small pockets of time to spend on there, whether that be to promote my blog or chat to others.  Maybe 20 minutes a day at the most.  The rest of the time I'm going to start using Buffer to my advantage and schedule as much as possible.

So heads up; if you speak to me on Twitter and I don't get back to you straight away, I'm not ignoring you, it just might take me a while to respond because I intend to keep my time on Twitter to a minimum.

Instagram isn't so much of an issue for me.  I enjoy the visual side of things; not just the photography, but the Instastories too.  I'm also yet to have a negative experience on Instagram.  I find it much easier to stay away from anything toxic on there, so this is where I plan on doing the majority of my promotion.  I plan on posting more regularly, and making use of the Instastories feature more too.

Now, lets move away from my hate of all things Social Media and move on to the things about the bloggersphere that I actually love.  Writing.

What kind of content am I planning for Siobhan Emma in 2018?

When I first started blogging I started as a beauty blogger, dabbled a little in food blogging, and eventually settled into lifestyle blogging.  When I moved into the realms of lifestyle blogging, I pictured myself covering topics like beauty, fashion, and travel to name just a few, and I have tried, and sometimes do enjoy writing about things in these areas, but an area I have touched upon this year, that I never dreamed I would write about regularly just two years ago is mental health.

Turns out I bloody love writing about mental health!

Having been on my own mental health journey over the past few years, it's a subject I've grown to be incredibly passionate about.  I find it incredibly easy to write about this subject, and in 2018, I want to delve into the world of Mental Health more.

In 2018 I will be exploring some career prospects that will involve my passion for helping people through their own mental health journeys, but that's a post for another day, and as a part of that, I would like it to become the focus of this blog in the new year.

As well as giving advice based on my own experiences, I want to share happy little moments in my every day in a bid to show that even in our darkest times we can still find little pockets of good.  I want to share tips on how to lead a happier life, and I want to help people work on their general wellbeing, because as I learnt today, if your wellbeing is in good shape, you will have less stress in your life, and less stress leads to less anxious and depressing thoughts.

I'm also considering investing in private counselling next year too.  If this is something I decide to go ahead with, I will share some of my journey with you.

I'll also share lifestyle posts from time to time too, but mainly, I will be focusing on mental health.

Now, I just ask you to bear with me whilst I establish some sort of schedule.  It's something I'm going to be working on over the next few weeks, but obviously with the festive season upon us, it could be a struggle to get it sorted before the New Year.

What I do promise however, is a fully running blog by the start of 2018.

Bring.  It.  On.


  1. You go for it girl!! I love how focused you are and how you have faced your problems and dealt with them in a way that works for you. I for one will continue to read and support your blog in 2018. Follow your dreams and do what is right for you. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year Siobhan xx

    1. Awww thank you so much Jane! What a lovely comment to read. I've spent so many years trying to please others, that I've found this past year I've been doing a little soul searching and having to rediscover who I actually am again in order to stay true to myself. I think it's something I'm still working on, but the journey is all part of the adventure isn't it?

      I hope you have a lovely Christmas, and a Happy New Year too. Here's to a 2018 full of happiness! xxx


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