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My 6 Top Moments from Disneyland Paris | November 2017

I can't quite believe my birthday do over trip to DLP has been and gone already.  For those of you not already aware, I decided to have a bit of a second attempt at my birthday in Disney this year.  Last year I went all out, staying in a Disney Hotel, dining at all of the wonderfully themed restaurants as a way to celebrate my 30th birthday in style, only for my Mum to suddenly pass away two days before that trip.  As you can imagine, the trip wasn't all I expected, and what was supposed to be the most magical way to bring my 30th in, was laced with sadness.

This time was a much more budget friendly, more fleeting trip to Disney, but I can easily say that I had the most amazing birthday weekend away (Although I did get a little grumpy towards the end of the trip - partly due to lack of sleep; partly due to inconsiderate, rude people!).

Instead of doing a trip report series like I have been doing for my previous DLP trip (I promise the final two days will be on their way to you soon!), I thought I would do a little round up post of my favourite moments during my 2017 birthday trip to the happiest place on Earth...

Waking up in DLP!

I may not have stayed in one of the wonderfully themed Disney hotels this time around, however, we did stay in one of the Disney Partner hotels, so I still felt close enough to the magic to feel like I was waking up in DLP on the morning of my birthday.

I'm a real adrenaline junkie at heart, and love nothing more than spending my days in theme parks.  I love the feeling of escape from real life, and nobody does it better than Disney.  Waking up on my birthday with a day full of rides, Disney shopping and a fun dining experience (More on that later!) ahead of us had me practically skipping into the shower to get myself ready for the day.

Riding the Tower of Terror...Twice!

The Tower of Terror is hands down my favourite ride across both parks.  The theming is amazing, the cast members are incredible, and I love the anticipation of that first drop.  On this trip we rode it twice.  Once in the day and once in the evening.  The evening ride was so much better.  When the doors slid open and revealed the two parks all lit up it was truly incredible.

Spending My Birthday in Walt Disney Studios

In fact, I just had the most incredible day in Walt Disney Studios.  Usually I'm all about the main Disney Park, and had pictured us spending the majority of my birthday there, but this didn't end up being the case at all.

Apart from a quick trip over to the main park to eat in Hakuna Matata, we spent all day in Walt Disney Studios.  We only rode a few of the rides, and had a really chilled out day browsing through the shops, taking in the sights, and just enjoying each other's company amongst all of the incredible theming.

My absolute favourite parts of the studios is the Ratatouille area and Toyland.  Both are so beautifully themed, and I could spend hours exploring the areas and taking in all of the small details.  I love that in Toyland you feel like you've shrunk to the size of one of the toys, and only just noticed on this trip the huge foot prints in the pavement as we walked through.

Gazing Upon Sleeping Beauty's Castle

You'd think that after three trips in the space of a year that I would be bored of the castle by now, but no.  It never, ever gets old.  There's nothing quite like taking your first steps onto Main Street and gazing upon the castle for the first time.

When that moment comes with fake snow and the music from A Muppets Christmas Carol being pumped through the speakers all the way down Main Street; even better.

You have to see the castle in both the day and night too, because both settings are truly sights to behold.

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show

Ever since learning about Buffalo Bill's I've been desperate to head along and see what all of the fuss is about, and on the evening of my birthday, we finally decided to bite the bullet and pay for tickets to the show.

I'll admit, this was a pricey event to head along to, but oh my goodness it was worth every penny.

We went along to the 9:30pm show as we figured there would probably be less children at that one (We were right!), and I had the most fun evening.  For £62.00 per ticket to sit in Category One, we were treated to an amazing feast, and an absolutely brilliant, interactive show.

I loved all of the actors and thought they did a fantastic job, but I have to say the absolute stars of the show were the animals.  They were incredibly well trained.  There was a point when I thought one of the horses was in distress, and was starting to get upset, only to realise a few moments later when the horse jumped back up and trotted off that he was just acting!  I then continued to scowl at the horse for being such a good actor and making me worry about him!

Also, there is a moment where two buffalo are actually acting a fight scene!  Given it wasn't anything brutal.  They were just circling the arena with their horns clasped together, so I can assure you that at no point in the show were any animals harmed or distressed.  The fact that they acted that entire scene though - with no human prompts may I add - just totally blew my mind!

Being Sat Next To Somebody Important During The Wild West Show

So, we were definitely seated next to some pretty important people during the Wild West Show.  The man sat next to us looked like he was old enough to have been one of Walt's best buddies, bless him.

We suspect he is either somebody very high up in terms of the production of the show, or maybe even an original cast member on stage.  Either way, he was highly respected by the cast members performing that evening.  Many of them jumped out of the arena to come and shake his hand, and he got many waves from the actors mid-performance (Spencer was pretty sad when he realised they weren't waving at him!).  He also got a huge handful of gold coins at the end of the show when us mere mortals were only given one each.  Not jealous at all!

Who ever he was, he was clearly pretty important and well thought of by all staff working that evening, and I'll be honest, it was pretty awesome being sat next to him!

He very kindly gave us his and his wife's cowboy hats at the end of the show too, as he said he was an Indian anyway (Maybe the original Chief Sitting Bull?!).  Although we already had our own cowboy hats from the show, I told Spencer we had to bring the ones we were gifted home with us too.  It was such a kind gesture, plus once we figure out who the hell he is we might have something to brag about!  I jest of course...maybe...

Goofy's Incredible Christmas Show

Being a shorter trip I only wanted to see one light show so as not to take up too much time away from the rides and fun.  With a brand new show lit up on The Tower of Terror, I knew this was the one for me.

I absolutely made the right choice.  Both Spencer and I really enjoyed it.  The use of the Tower of Terror was incredible, as well as the buildings surrounding it, and the addition of Goofy, Mickey and Co. on the stage just in front of the light show was such a lovely addition.  It added a little something extra that the other shows don't have.

It was a lovely way to finish off our evening in the Studios, made me feel incredibly festive, and even left me with a few tears in my eyes.  Truly magical.

There were no doubt so many other moments from this trip that would bring a smile to my face, but these are the real stand out moments that will stick with me for years to come.


  1. So glad you had a nice time, your smiles say it all! I have to agree that there is no better place in the world than Disney to spend your birthday. xx

    1. It was amazing, it just flew by far too quickly! xxx


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