Monday, 23 October 2017

24 Hours In London

A couple of weekends ago Spencer and I had a whirlwind weekend in London especially to see The Book of Mormon.  We'd heard rumours that it was coming to it's end (Although I feel like that was a bit of a white lie on Spencer's part now as I've not seen any sign that it's coming to it's end!), and this musical had been on the bucket list for a while so we headed down to London straight after work on Friday 13th October.  This ended up being timed perfectly, as it coincided with Spencer's very last day at his previous job.  What a way to celebrate the start of a new chapter in his life!

The Friday was pretty uneventful.  We didn't arrive at our hotel until around 10:30pm, and pretty much headed to bed straight away to make the most of our full day in London on the Saturday.  Pro tip for anybody travelling to London from Sheffield.  Don't get a direct train from Sheffield to London St Pancras, because it costs a bloody bomb!  Instead, travel to Doncaster first, then get a connecting train to London Kings Cross from there.  You get to travel on a pretty decent Virgin train, and it's so much cheaper.  I'm talking over 50% less than what you would pay if you went direct from Sheffield station.

We stayed in a cheap and cheerful Ibis Hotel right outside Wembley Stadium (Probably not so cheap and cheerful on event days!), and it was such a great location.  We were right next to a designer outlet (More on that later.), we were surrounded by coffee shops and restaurants galore, and we literally had a two minute walk across the road to the overground that took us right into the centre of London.

On Saturday morning we were up and out by 9:00am, and decided to head to Pret just around the corner for a reasonably healthy breakfast.  We both opted for a coffee to wake us up after a long evening of travel the night before (I opted for their version of Pumpkin Spice Latte - Not as good as Starbs, but still tasty!), porridge (With honey!), an apple, and a ginger and apple shot.

I love Pret, but currently in Sheffield we only have one in Meadowhall (That I know of.), however, they're currently building one in town and I cannot wait for it to open.  I want cosy Saturday morning breakfasts in there followed by cinema trips to make the most of our Cineworld cards and keep out of the cold that's settling in now.  I just wish they would tell us when it's due to open dammit!

After breakfast we decided to have a nosey in the designer outlet.  If I'm honest, I'm generally not one for designer outlets, however on this occasion I did find a little beauty in this Dr Martens mini backpack!

I've loved Dr Martens bags for so long, as much as I love their shoes, but I'm just not willing to part with over £100 for a bag.  This little cutie however was discounted to £50.  It's such great quality, and I just know that we're going to have many happy years and adventures together.

Spencer had some money he was gifted from his ex-work colleagues after his last day at work the day before, and he wanted to get a little spendy in London's Forbidden Planet, so this was our next destination.  We have a Forbidden Planet in Sheffield, but compared to the one in London it's teeny tiny.  I'm not the biggest fan of this shop, purely because of how busy it gets, but I even found a little something to take home with me on this occasion.  They had the Disney mystery keyring packs I often see people opening in Instastories on trips to Walt Disney World, so I had a look at the collections, found one where I would be happy no matter who I got in the pack, and went off to pay for it.  Amongst his other goodies Spencer also went and picked up a Marvel mystery keyring pack so we could open them together later on in the evening.

For those interested, I got Buzz, and he hangs happily from my Disneyland Paris Tower of Terror lanyard that holds my work pass and he comes to work with me every day!  Spencer came away with Baby Groot.  Win win all round!

Our show was a matinee one, so by this time it was time to head over to the theatre.  I actually had no idea what to expect from this show.  All I knew was that it was written by the same people who write South Park, so I was pretty certain it would be ridiculous.  It was absolutely brilliant!  I was smiling and laughing all the way through.  Of course it was ridiculous, and it's definitely not a show I would recommend seeing if you're easily offended.  Only the writers of South Park could get away with some of the content!  Elder Cunningham absolutely stole the show, but a little bit of my heart has to go to Elder Price, because I feel like I might be the female version of him.  If you know me you'll understand what I mean if you ever see the show.

Just before the show started we booked a table for 6:00pm at Steak & Co.  It was recommended to Spencer by one of his old work colleagues, and being a fan of steak I really liked the concept of this restaurant.  We had a little time to kill before our reservation, so we headed to Japan Centre first and picked up some Japanese treats.  Their sushi was great value for money, and I got some incredibly tasty sweet treats.

When we arrived at the restaurant there was a bit of a hiccup in that our online reservation hadn't seemed to have registered, however, as we had proof of the reservation it was dealt with really well and we actually only ended up sitting down 15 minutes after our original reservation.

So the concept of this restaurant is you choose your type of steak (Rump) , a flavoured butter (Parsley), a salt (Seaweed) and a sauce (Diane).  We also ordered a side of rustic chips each and some seasonal veg to share.  Your steak is brought out to you rare, on a hot skillet with a side plate.  The idea is you put your steak on the plate, and use the hot skillet to cook it to your preference.

I have no idea if I did it right, but I cut a bit off at a time, put a bit of the butter on the skillet first so it would melt, then put my slice of steak in the melted butter and cooked the steak in it.  Then I would sprinkle a little salt over it, and finally dip it in the sauce.  I like my steak rare, so would only need it to be on the skillet for a minute or two.

This was honestly one of the best steaks I've ever had.  I loved the whole concept of this restaurant, and would happily eat here again in the future.  It's a little pricier than what I would usually pay for a restaurant in Sheffield, but it was absolutely worth it for something a little different to the norm.  If you're in to a good steak, I would highly recommend Steak & Co.

We were both pretty exhausted by the time we'd finished our meal, so decided to call it a night.  We had an early train back to Sheffield, and wanted to get some decent rest before the journey ahead of us.

Although I felt like I had barely stopped before Monday morning rolled around again, I absolutely loved our weekend away, and would happily do a whirlwind weekend like this again from time to time.

Not too regularly though.  This girl needs to recharge her batteries after working Monday - Friday every week!


  1. Glad you enjoyed your trip down to London. I can highly recommend Aladdin if you haven't seen it yet (I went this weekend and it was amazing!!).

    1. I absolutely love Aladdin! I saw it back in May with my sister. Next on my list to tick off is The Lion King musical. I've heard it's incredible x


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