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Disneyland Paris Trip Report | Wednesday 9th August 2017

So the DLP trip reports took a bit of a back seat as I really got back into the swing of blogging again and wanted to blog about everything, and I do still, but I also want to continue sharing my Disney trips with you, so I thought today we would take a break from the heavier stuff and take another magical trip down memory lane today...

Wednesday was our first full day at DLP, and we decided that today would be dedicated to the Disney Park.  After a long day with travel and taking advantage of our park tickets for the afternoon yesterday, knowing we had until almost midnight in the park we decided to have an easy going morning.  We headed into the park just before they stopped serving breakfast at Cafe Hyperion.  Even though there were only very few places in the park where you could have breakfast, I still found this a real treat.  During my visit last year this wasn't an option for me with the vouchers I had, so being able to start my day from the get go in the parks was amazing.

One of my favourite parts of the day was walking through the grounds of Sequoia Lodge in the mornings.  Instead of taking the shuttle bus to the park we walked instead.  The grounds of Sequoia Lodge are so tranquil, and the mornings and evenings were my most favourite time to be there.  The mornings felt like the calm before the storm, and that moment of peace in the evenings after a long day in the parks dragging my tired feet to my bed were just what I needed.

It also became somewhat of a daily routine to take pictures in front of the castle.  I mean, how could we not take advantage of this beautiful sight every day.  I hope one day that I'll be able to look upon more of the Princess Castles as I explore more Disney parks across the globe, but for now I'm more than happy with this beauty being pretty close to home for me.

After our mini photoshoot it was time to start exploring the park again.  We actually did a pretty good job of covering a fair amount of the park the night before.  Those extra few hours of park opening times in the evening compared to Autumn/Winter makes a world of difference!  As we were there quite early on in the day we decided to take advantage of some of the more popular rides whilst the queues were a little less intense.

As a non-driver people's favourite thing to do is to get me to take the driver's seat on Autopia whilst they kick back in the passenger seat for a change.  Spencer volunteered me as driver last year and Charlotte did this year.  Even on a track where I can't possibly get it wrong I still feel like I'm rubbish at driving (People of Sheffield - stay off the roads from 24th October because this woman is starting her driving lessons for real!).  I love the Autopia ride, but I really feel like they're missing a trick with it.  I would love to see it updated with the characters from Cars instead and the track be reminiscent of Radiator Springs, or even one of the race tracks!

One of my favourite things about this trip was the amount of extra rides that were open this time.  During my trip last November it felt like half of the rides were closed for refurbishment in preparation for the 25th anniversary celebrations that were up and coming, so I felt like I had a whole load of new to me rides to try this time.  Big Thunder Mountain became a firm favourite (I also loved the boat ride around Big Thunder Mountain.), as well as Buzz Lightyear's Laser Quest and Star Tours!  Also I love the update to Space Mountain (Now Hyperspace Mountain.) too.  I know it's not to everybody's taste, but I'm loving the Star Wars editions that have recently been added.

One of my most favourite moments of the day was finding the infamous Pineapple Whip; DLP's take on the WDW Pineapple Dole Whip that everybody who visited last year seemed to go crazy for, but because we visited in November last year the Pineapple Whips were nowhere to be seen.  However this year, as we walked through the entrance to Adventureland, the cart close to the entrance had them on sale!  It pained me a little to spend €6 on this, but it had been hyped up so much, and I'm not in Disney everyday, so I decided what the hell!  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the cup was a lot bigger than I expected (It's much better than it looks in this photo!) and it very much lived up to the hype.  It was no doubt terrible for me, essentially being a whole load of Mr Whippy style vanilla ice cream and a huge serving of pineapple juice/syrup, but the things that are worse for us always taste the best don't they?

The number one thing on my itinerary for this day was to see the Forest of Enchantment show.  Again, because I went during the Christmas period last year, the Forest of Enchantment was replaced with the Frozen Sing-A-Long show in the Chaparral Theatre.  We timed seeing this show perfectly as the heavens opened as we moved through the queue to take our seats, so although we were caught up a little in the rain, for the majority of the shower we got to take refuge indoors whilst watching a truly magical show.

I was so impressed with their use of the stage, and the props and back drops were just stunning!  My favourites were Tarzan, Tangled (That stage set was beautiful!), and Brave (I love me a strong independent woman who don't need no man!).  I'm so glad I was able to see it this year too as I've heard rumours that it won't be returning again, which is such a shame as it's such a lovely show.

Today's restaurant of choice was the newly named Captain Jack's (Previously know as the Blue Lagoon restaurant.). This restaurant is my all time favourite.  I love the theming, the food, everything.  I feel like I've actually been transported to the Caribbean when I'm here.  The lanterns, the atmosphere, the environment, the Pirates of the Caribbean ride going by as we enjoy our meal.  I adore absolutely everything about it.  Also, the rum!  I really loved the rum (Especially in the form of a Pina Colada!).  Luckily this went down well with Charlotte and Morgan as well.  I genuinely wish I could eat here all of the time, but then I suppose it wouldn't be as special to me if it was so easily accessible to me.

Obviously as soon as we finished our meal we went straight on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, which became another firm favourite for us all.  I absolutely love the improvements to the ride!  Yey for Jack finally being a part of the ride, and a loved Barbosa!  It was just so well done.  I can't wait to go on it again in the future!

As we got towards the end of the day, we started to slow down a little.  We wanted to last so we could see the new and improved Disney Illuminations show, so we opted for a little bit of shopping, exploring the castle and going on some tamer rides in Fantasyland.

I lead Morgan and Charlotte down into the dungeons of the castle to meet Maleficent's dragon.  So many people seem to be unaware that this part of the park exists (I didn't even know it existed until last year!), and I wanted to make sure Charlotte and Morgan got the full experience.  I love this part of the castle.  The animatronic of the dragon is so good.  However, after spending some time with the dragon it was time to head up to the castle and see the story of Sleeping Beauty.

Inside the castle is just as stunning as the outside.  The tapestries, the stain glass windows, everything!  The attention to detail is just incredible.  If I could find somewhere to hide in there so I could live out the rest of my days in the castle then I would!

One of my favourite things about our entire trip was watching Charlotte slowly convince herself and justify a Disney purchase.  Watching the process play out every time just made me laugh so much.  She's so sensible when it comes to spending her money, so the process kind of went along these lines every time.  Charlotte would spot something she liked; Charlotte admires said product for 5-10 minutes; Charlotte leaves the shop to consider if it's something that would actually be of practical use to her in her day-to-day life; Charlotte goes to bed and talks about how she is picturing using said product in her day-to-day life; Charlotte wakes up the next morning and declares that as she has dreamt about said product, it means that she loves it enough to buy it; Charlotte buys said product.  This pretty much happened for every. single. purchase.

It was finally time for the Illuminations show at 11:00pm (AKA Way past my bed time!), and although I know the change hasn't been to everybody's taste, I absolutely loved it!  I didn't get any photos of it this time around because I wanted to really just take in the moment, but I thought it was incredible.  I personally loved the addition of Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean, and the fire!  I loved the fire!  The Beauty and the Beast section left a lot to be desired, and why they don't have a part featuring Moana I'll never know, but apart from that I thought it was brilliant!

Thus concludes our first full day in the Disney Park.  With a tired body and aching feet, we dragged ourselves to bed ready to get some sleep...and listen to Charlotte tell us how she was picturing herself at home with her Mickey mug she fell in love with in the shop in Adventureland!

I apologise for the mismatched photos in terms of sizing.  It pains me a little that everything isn't all beautifully in line, but all photos from this trip were taken on iPhones, so I have to work with what I've got on this occasion.  Better quality photos will resume shortly!



  1. Fab TR and photos, what wonderful memories to look back on. x

    1. Thank you! I personally wish I'd taken better photos, but I have an excuse to do that next month when I go back for a few days for my birthday! xx


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