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Leeds Festival 2017 | Sunday 27th August

This bank holiday Sunday I was up bright and early to head out for the day at Leeds Festival 2017. It was a day Spencer and Morgan had been anticipating for months. Spencer, because he was getting to see one of his favourite acts live that he initially thought he would never get to see, Eminem (Because he has an awesome girlfriend who gets him amazing birthday presents!), and Morgan, as it was her first time attending a proper festival.

I of course had been looking forward to the day too. Although I was a bit more apprehensive about what to expect from an Eminem show, I have always been a fan, and was definitely partial to a few of his albums when I was younger and it was a bit naughty for me to be listening to Eminem when I was only 14 years old (Thanks Mum for buying me his albums when my Dad wouldn’t!), and there was no way I was passing up on an opportunity to see him live. I mean, what with him spending more time producing music these days, it’s not very often an opportunity comes up to see Eminem live, so of course I jumped at it, and I’m so glad I did early on because the day tickets for the Sunday at Leeds were understandably a sell out! The whole day turned out to be one of my all time favourite days at a festival!

I'll apologise now for the less than average photo quality. All photos were taken on my iPhone 7 or my Go Pro Sessions as I didn't want to carry a big bag about with me all day. I just wanted to embrace the day and catch snapshots as and when I wanted to. I hope you'll enjoy the post all the same!

We arrived at around 10:00am, which was timed perfectly, as this gave us an hour to get parked, use the portaloos whilst they were still in an acceptable condition, suncream ourselves up, and start the long walk from the car park to the arena, arriving just before 11:00am, when the gates opened. Being in a festival arena when it first opens is one of my most favourite times to be in there. It reminds me of my days working in security on festival sites. I loved being able to roam free on the site in the very early hours of the morning whilst all of the attendees were either asleep or still partying (Most likely still partying!) back on the campsites. It was like the calm before the storm. It gives me the opportunity to take in my surroundings without the huge crowds, and it just gets me really hyped up for the day ahead.

Our morning started off with ice cream. Not just any ice cream; McDonald’s McFlurry ice cream! I was pretty excited to see a McFlurry van near the entrance to the festival. When the bloody hell did McDonald’s get a McFlurry van?! Absolute genius! We had the opportunity to get a free one too if we went and had our photo taken in their photo booth, which we happily obliged to! If you can’t eat ice cream at 11:00 in the morning at a festival then when can you?!

After our early morning ice cream sugar rush it was time to start seeing some acts, and I think we got some pretty awesome ones in this year...

Piff The Magic Dragon

The first act of the day for us at midday on the Alternative Stage was Piff the Magic Dragon. I had seen Piff when I was last at Leeds Festival back in 2015 and absolutely loved him. Think of a cross between Jack Dee and, well, a magician dressed as a dragon and you’ve pretty much got yourself Piff. He’s really stepped up his game since last time I saw him too, with more assistants on stage with him, more crowd interaction, and most important of all, more stage time for the adorable Mr Piffles, his Chihuahua complete with matching dragon outfit. If you enjoy deadpan humour with a healthy dose of sarcasm and some absolutely incredible magic tricks, then you’ll love Piff. I’m not sure how many festivals he does here in the UK, as I’ve only ever seen him at Leeds Festival, but if he’s on the line up for a festival you’re attending in the future, make sure he’s on your 'to watch' list.

The Pretty Reckless

This is a band I’ve wanted to see for so long, so when I saw them on Sunday’s line up I just had to fit them into my schedule. People seem to have strong feelings either way about Taylor Momsen, but I personally love her. I love that she’s broken away from the type cast, pretty, preppy young actress Hollywood would quite happily have pigeon holed her in to and went down her own path. And that woman has one hell of a voice! She has such a great stage presence; she was born to be in a rock band, and talking of her band, they sounded brilliant too. I’d definitely love to see them in an indoor venue in the future.

Also, it’s awesome to see some women fronting bands more and more now, and actually being on the bill of some of the biggest festivals in the UK. My musical tastes are really eclectic. I love everything from Metallica to the Backstreet Boys, but my heart really belongs in the rock world, however, this is the world where women seem the most under represented, or certainly from my own experience anyway. It’s great to see some truly talented ladies making it in to main stream music.


Another incredible band with an awesome woman fronting it. I first discovered the Marmozets at Leeds Festival back in 2015, and they were my favourite discovery of the weekend. They just blew me away. I love that Becca Macintyre came on stage, sans makeup, in comfortable clothes, and if I remember rightly she didn’t even have any shoes on, and she just belted out these incredible songs with this powerful voice. It was just saw raw. I feel like The Marmozets are all about the music, which I absolutely love, and I loved them just as much this time too. Two years on, things felt a little more sleek, their sound had improved, but without losing what the core of the band is all about.

Josh Macintyre came out into the crowd after the show to thank fans for coming along to watch. I love when bands do this, and The Marmozets have always come across as such a humble band. One of my favourite moments from 2015 was when Sam Macintyre spotted one of his mates in the crowd on the main stage and in between songs asked if he would be joining him for a drink later on in the day. Probably such a mundane moment to everybody else, but to me it showed that their a band who haven’t left behind the people who got them to where they are.

Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes

Much like the Marmozets were my favourite discovery of 2015, Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes were my favourite discovery of 2017. I’d heard this band’s name thrown around a lot, but not throught much of them. The name Frank Carter just didn’t twig with me until I saw a picture of him. It’s Frank Carter from the Gallows! Back in my security days when I worked the Lock Up Stage in 2010, I met Frank when he played with the Gallows, and honestly, he is one of the nicest guys in music I’ve ever met! Such a gent! I get the impression he vents on stage, then off stage he’s just a super mellow guy.

Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes have a totally different sound to the Gallows, and as much as I liked the Gallows, I love his newer material with the Rattlesnakes so much more. I feel like where the Gallows had a bit more of an angry vibe to them, Frank’s material with the Rattlesnakes is a little more light hearted, and a bit cheeky.

For me, entertaining your fans in between songs is just as important as entertaining with the songs being performed, and Frank has it spot on. He has amazing stage presence and had me smiling throughout his entire set.


I don't even know how many times I've seen Korn now, but it was damn good to see them again, especially after the last time I saw them was literally just after my Nan died. I really shouldn't have gone to the show, because I absolutely hated being in a sweaty room full of loud noise when I wanted to be on my own in a quiet space, but my Dad insisted I still go, encouraging me to carry on with life as normal as I would eventually have to.

Although I don't think any Korn show will top the one I saw where they supported Slipknot a couple of years ago now, this was still a really good set. It was great to see Jonathan Davis looking healthy again too after seeing his weight fluctuate quite drastically over the course of a few years, I believe due to illness, and sporting his Kilt and bagpipes too!


Now onto the headline act. The man himself, Eminem. I'm not going to lie to you guys. I've become a bit obsessed over the past week. I've always liked Eminem from a young age. I think my Dad may have spurred that on a little by refusing to buy me the Marshall Mathers LP when I was about 14. The more he told me I couldn't have it the more I wanted it (Again, thanks Mum for giving in and buying it me for Christmas that year!). Obviously now I'm older I understand why my Dad didn't want me to listen to his tracks, but it doesn't stop me enjoying his music, and now I've seen him live I just have this whole new level of appreciation for him.

Eminem in my eyes has evolved over the years, both musically and personally. It's as if you can tell what stage he was in his life depending on what album you listen to, and that's something I've always loved about him as an artist. There's something to relate to no matter how you feel. The only song I struggle to listen to of his is 'Headlights'. Being a song to his Mum, the lyrics are just a little too close to home for me. I can't listen to it without shedding a tear.

Sunday night he played a good mix of everything, from the old to the new, and I loved every moment of it. The highlights for me have to be when he sung 'The Real Slim Shady' and when he sung 'Lose Yourself' in the encore. I've always loved 'The Real Slim Shady' because it's just really fun (to attempt!) to rap along to, and 'Lose Yourself' is such a powerful track. I loved every moment of it, and I also may have fallen a little in love with the him. Marshall Mathers has aged well, and stubble suits him!

I've heard that he's due to release a new album this autumn, and usually with a new album comes a tour. Or so I'm praying to the Rap Gods anyway! Basically, I have to see him live again!

Reading Festival 2017 Highlight

Ok, so I know I wasn't there, but there's not a chance in hell that my most favourite human being in rock and roll can make a surprise appearance at Reading Festival when I genuinely believed I would never see him on stage again and it go unmentioned in this post! Brian bloody Johnson only got on stage with Muse on Sunday night and performed 'Back in Black' didn't he?!?!?!

For those who may not know, Brian Johnson is the frontman of who I believe are the greatest rock and roll band on this entire planet, AC/DC, and last year he had to pull out of the Rock or Bust tour when doctors told him he had to cease performing live on stage immediately or risk going completely deaf for the rest of his life.

To say I was gutted is the biggest understatement ever. I actually cried when I applied for the refund for my tickets (There wasn't a chance I was paying to see AC/DC fronted by AXL Rose - AC/DC is not AC/DC without my boy Brian!), because in that moment I believed that I was never going to get an opportunity to see them live again. Finding out Brian was on stage with Muse on Sunday gave me hope!   Hope that there could still be more AC/DC in my life yet.

I also loved his choice of song, 'Back in Black', with the lyrics, "Yes I'm back!" repeated over and over. Kind of like a big middle finger to the people who told him he would never be able to perform live again!

Sunday was an incredible day, one that won't be leaving me in a hurry. It's given me a thirst for festivals that I haven't felt in a long time, and I can see me on many more festival sites come 2018.



  1. Looks like you had a fab day out. Life is all about making memories and blogging is the perfect way to preserve and share them. Jane x

    1. It was such an amazing day! That's one of my favourite things about blogging. Sharing my memories and having something to look back on years down the line x


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