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Disneyland Paris Trip Report | Tuesday 8th August 2017

Having started a blog that's focused mainly around Disney, it only seems right that I share in detail my trips to my favourite place, and I actually very recently came back from one. I surprised my sister with a trip to DLP for her 21st birthday that I somehow managed to keep quiet for six months right up to the day of her birthday, which was five days before we set off on our travels! It was hard to feel excited about our trip when I had to keep quiet about it for so long. It some how didn't feel real until the reveal took place and I could finally talk about it openly, but by that point we didn't have enough time to get hyped up for our little holiday before we were on our way!
Tuesday soon came around and we were on our morning Eurostar on our way to Disney. This was my first time travelling on Eurostar, so this was an experience in itself for me. I think I'm going to write a more detailed post about the different ways I've travelled to Disney with the pros and cons, but I have to say that if the Eurostar was the cheaper option for every trip, I would definitely opt for Eurostar over flying every time. It's just so easy! You get off the train and Hello! The Disney Village is to your right!

By 3:00pm, we were checked into our room at Sequoia Lodge (Thanks to the lovely cast member who let us check into our room early and not have to worry about storing our bags!), and we were on our way to the park! I treated this trip as a proper little holiday from all things real life, and being in the middle of a blogging crisis I didn't really think about taking photos for blogging purposes, which I now regret because I loved the whole theme of Sequoia Lodge. The room was beautiful and I would have loved to have shared a proper review with you. Maybe another time! It was a lovely hotel though. It had a really tranquil feel to it, which was perfect in the morning and in the evening before and after time in the parks. It was such a calming atmosphere to be engulfed in after a hectic day on the rides.

The fact that I was back in Disneyland really hit me when I looked upon that big Mickey clock on the Disneyland Hotel once more. I was home! I love looking up at the Disneyland Hotel and imagining looking out of one of the rooms that looks right out on to Main Street with the castle in the distance. The dream is to stay in that hotel one day!

I don't think that first view of the castle at the start of a Disney trip ever gets old for any Disney fanatic, but do you know what beats that feeling? Witnessing somebody see the castle for the very first time, and that's what I got to witness with my sister. We all just kind of stopped and looked upon the castle for a few minutes, just taking in our surroundings and letting it really sink in that for the next five days, we were residents of the most magical place on Earth!

Throughout our entire trip the weather was intermittent! In fact, it was some of the weirdest weather I've ever experienced. It didn't have a clue what it wanted to do, so we made sure we got the obligatory first selfie in front of the castle before the heavens opened!

Also, I have to give a little shout out to the 25th Anniversary decorations around the park. I love the blue and silver theming, and the sculptures in front of the castle are so cute! My favourite has to be the Donald and Daisy sculpture. I just love how much Donald adores Daisy!

What I loved about this trip was that there were so many new to me rides, and even the rides I had been on, some of them felt quite new to me again. Some of you will be aware if you read an older blog of mine that only two days before my birthday trip to Disney last year my Mum passed away. It was totally unexpected, and although family made me go on that trip still, everything felt like a blur. Some aspects of the trip stick out to me, but for obvious reasons the majority of the trip was clouded with other thoughts, not leaving all that much space for making happy memories.

Our first stop was Discoveryland, and purely for the fact that it had the shortest wait time, Star Tours was the first ride of our trip, and I absolutely loved it! It was such an interactive ride from the get go. I loved R2D2 and C3P0 whilst waiting in the queue, and that actual ride was so fun!

We then covered pretty much all of the rides apart from one or two in Discoveryland, including the newly refurbished Hyperspace Mountain (Loving the Star Wars additions!), and a ride I had been anticipating for a long time...Buzz Lightyear's Laser Quest. Although it didn't end up as one of my favourite rides of the trip, I still really enjoyed it. There was no way I was getting a 999,999 pin though. I was lucky if I had anything near 14,000!

One of my favourite things about Discoveryland is the sculpture of Wall-E and Eve. I had to go and get another photo of them together! Wall-E is such an underrated film, and I mean, just look at them! If that's not the epitome of love right there then I don't know what is!

By the time we had made our way around most of the rides in Discoveryland, it was almost time for our reservation at Agrabah's, so we headed over to Adventureland, my favourite of all the lands in the Disneyland Park. I absolutely love that smell as you first walk into Adventureland via Main Street. That's the thing that makes me truly feel like I'm in DLP. Seriously, if I could bottle that smell up and bring it home with me I would (If there are any Etsy sellers out there who have recreated that smell in candle form, hit me up!).

We were a little early for our reservation, so to really get into the mood we had a little walk around Le Passage Enchante d'Aladdin. As much as I love the rides, I love the smaller, less loved parts of the park like this, and in this walk through in particular I love the little details.

Again, because I didn't have my blogger head on I didn't think to take photos of my time in Agrabah's, so can't do a review on this, but this was my second visit, and I loved it just as much as the first time. The theming is amazing, and I love the more relaxed vibe, just going to get food as and when you're ready. This was the perfect place to eat on our first day of the trip, as we really took our time. We started our meal at 7:00pm, and didn't leave until nearing on 9:00pm! It was just the time out we needed after being up from 5:30am and all of the travelling.

After the meal was when I discovered what would be my absolute favourite time to be in the parks. Being there in the summer is so different to being there in the winter. There is like an extra three hours park time! Unlike our trip in November last year where the parks closed at about 8:00pm, because it didn't get dark until late, the illuminations didn't start until 11:00pm, so there was so much extra time to get on the rides, and there is something just that little bit more magical about walking around the parks in the evening.

My most favourite time of day was twilight, when it was still a little light, but you could see all the lights throughout the park, and it just added this whole extra level of magic to everything! I was in awe. As an adult Disney visitor, this was a perfect time to be in the parks when they were a little quieter and the queues to some of the more popular rides like Big Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Indiana Jones ride were a little shorter too.

It was a perfect time to just get lost around the parks and really take in all of the little details that you wouldn't usually notice as you're rushing to get on certain rides. I can guarantee that no matter how many times you visit the parks, there will always be something you discover that you've never seen before. My favourite discovery that evening was this finding Kaa and Zazu hiding in the trees in Adventureland!

After spending the rest of our evening taking in Adventureland and some of Frontierland, and watching night fall over the park, we finally decided to call it a night and head back to the hotel. We still had three full days ahead of us and we wanted to be well rested for the days ahead!

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